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I'm Frazer, a digital product designer from London

I bring together all elements of digital design to create unique platforms and products.


Freelance web designer
Specialised in UI and web design

Experience with:
   - Anorak Digital
   - Ntrōpic Group
    - The Brand Launchers
   - Yaya Digital Consultancy

     - Figma
     - Webflow
     - Layout & typography

Travel documentation platform.

UI design & branding

March 2020

Inspired by the freedom of travel in a time where it was so restricted, MaxMeets was a platform to document a creative journey through Europe.

My role was designing the interface of the website as well as the logo and other branding elements.

As the sharing of information was very important to the idea of the platform, each of the sections were made to be very clear to guide the viewer easily to wherever they wanted to go - or to find it easy to explore at will.

The logo design played off the alliteration of the title, which also brought in the idea of the black and white colour scheme.

Inspired by contemporary media outlets, the simple interface allowed for constant content updates while keeping the look and feel of the site the same. The simplicity allowed the content and the story itself to shine.