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I'm Frazer, a digital product designer from London

I bring together all elements of digital design to create unique platforms and products.


Freelance web designer
Specialised in UI and web design

Experience with:
   - Anorak Digital
   - Ntrōpic Group
    - The Brand Launchers
   - Yaya Digital Consultancy

     - Figma
     - Webflow
     - Layout & typography

Audition Ready

An app-based tuitional platform for young talent pursuing an acting career.

UI & Web design

Summer 2020

Audition Ready is a masterclass style iOS app with a directory of industry professionals that provide insight and guidance into the world of acting.

I assisted Anorak Digital in the design of the app and the website.


As a platform that offers a library of specialised information for aspiring actors, the app had to be both contemporary in feel and flawless in execution. With the video content as the main focus of the platform, the different areas of study needed to be catalogued and presented in navigable sections including:

The platform was to make the wealth of the invaluable material as front-facing as possible to inform potential subscribers of the benefits of joining Audition Ready for their careers.


The app

Breaking down the main areas of study on offer within the app allowed the main page to take form.

The playlist pages following the section links from the main page host all the accessible material, which was to be visible but only available once membership was acquired.

High-resolution images for section banners, and screenshots from the videos themselves for icons and navigational tools keep the style consistent and informative throughout the main page.

Rounded rectangular grid elements with striking colours and the tape-layer background signify a higher-tier navigational route, going to an entire playlist of material as opposed to a single video.

The website

The Audition Ready website has one purpose - to bring people to the app. We combined oversized sections, colours and imagery that is consistent with the established branding, and real-world examples into a vibrant design to explore and promote all the areas of the platform. Combining the typography and colour scheme in unique ways throughout the page create definitive sections throughout the design.

We wanted to capture Audition Ready’s spirit through impactful design. Led by the colourful, prominent logo, we made use of a mixture of animation types to create a dynamic page to encourage users to look further by downloading the app.


Futura PT was chosen for the title type and the labels for the large navigational buttons within the application. The bold font within the varied typeface family gives capital characters clarity and a balanced visual contrast, so is ideal for overlaying onto colour and image.

As a more recognisable type, Roboto was used for the pure text elements. It has more of a cultural connection than Futura, as the font used in all of Google’s products, and its form lends itself to high-legibility at smaller sizes.

As a typeface pairing for the website, Droid Sans Mono was used for subheadings, its short, typewriter-style glyph width creating a dramatic difference between the text elements for a unique empathetic response.