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I'm Frazer, a digital product designer from London

I bring together all elements of digital design to create unique platforms and products.


Freelance web designer
Specialised in UI and web design

Experience with:
   - Anorak Digital
   - Ntrōpic Group
    - The Brand Launchers
   - Yaya Digital Consultancy

     - Figma
     - Webflow
     - Layout & typography

Online classes and one-to-one lessons, scheduled around you.

UX design

Summer 2020

An in-progress development with Anorak Digital.

I developed the UX for the platform.


The start of the process began with pen and paper, covering the walls of the Anorak office with post-it notes to determine the best route of attack for the project. After much discussion and collaboration with the in-house developer, a Figma document was created for the next stage.

Utilising Figma’s capabilities such as components and prototyping paths, a model was drawn up and tested among the team. Integral UI elements began to build as the journey became more developed.

User's and trainer's booking and cancellation process

Trainer registration

Session view, user registrations and login for both users and trainers


Video chat windows

Although the project has been put on pause, there were a number of complications that were overcome during the process such as scheduling and refund systems. I felt that the process so far has been integral to my development as a product designer.